Subject: Evolution's Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries

An eye-opening new book that will cause many to question their belief in evolution as 'scientific fact'. |
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NEW BOOK: How efforts to prove Darwinism have led to many blunders, frauds and outright forgeries
Evolution's Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries by Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
Ask the average person about evolution, and ‘fraud’ is probably not the first word that springs to mind. ‘Science’ is a much more likely association.
And science, of course, is about facts, accuracy and truth. It is neutral and self-correcting, marching relentlessly forward to greater enlightenment (with just the occasional misstep)—or so the story goes.
In this eye-opening new book, Jerry Bergman documents an amazing array of frauds, forgeries, blunders and embarrassments that have marred the history of palaeontology—all in the name of ‘science’—and helped to turn countless people away from their Creator.
It relentlessly exposes things that most evolutionists would probably rather not discuss, or hope stay forgotten. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions as to what could possibly motivate such a sorry parade, but it becomes blatantly obvious that ‘science’ is no longer a good answer.
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From the back cover:
While most people might be able to name one or two, few are aware of the sheer number of embarrassing deceptions used to prop up evolutionary theory. This book highlights multiple examples that have misled generations.
Some, like the famous Piltdown Man fraud, took many decades to uncover while leading evolutionists kept singing its praises to an increasingly indoctrinated public.
How many of us know about how a misidentification of the chemical reaction between alcohol and the calcium carbonate in seawater, something chemists at the time were certainly aware of, led leading evolutionists to breathlessly proclaim incipient life covered the ocean floor?
Who knows that genera and species were invented to support the ‘fact’ of evolution?
The countless fakes and mistakes are not mild aberrations in a self-correcting march to truth. In fact, evolutionary theory itself comes under severe pressure from the evidence in this book. For instance, diagrams of developing embryos, from a supposedly expert academic, were so useful in persuading people that evolution was unquestionably true that their exposure as fraudulent was ignored. It took over 100 years for this fraud to be re-exposed, and textbook publishers have still been very reluctant to drop it.
More recently, National Geographic triumphantly proclaimed a hybrid fossil as an ideal ‘intermediate’ between birds and dinosaurs. Their forced retraction of this glued-together monstrosity was barely noticeable.
Disturbingly, the author also highlights secular work showing that, especially in the life sciences, we are presently in the grip of an unprecedented epidemic of scientific fraud.
This eye-opening work should cause many to question their belief in evolution as ‘scientific fact’ and encourage everyone to critically examine all future evolutionary claims.
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